Sunday, January 10, 2010

Error: CFGFWK-60184: Configuring WebLogic Domain : Multiple dependency matches

Error: CFGFWK-60184: The template you selected can't be applied because the following dependencies have not been satisfied:
Unresolved ORs:
Or for Oracle SOA Suite:
Multiple dependency matches: 
Oracle SOA Management Extension:
 Oracle SOA Management Extension:

Screen shot reference:

To resolve such issue, delete or relocate the file oracle.soa.mgmt_template_11.1.1.jar from %MiddlewareHome%\jdeveloper\common\templates directory to a folder outside of the middleware home and make some note in your notebook so you can put it back if needed. :)
Please see the following discussion in otn forums for your perusal.

Update: I believe I came to this issue because I invoked the configuration wizard bundled with the integrated WLS of JDeveloper. I should have invoked the configuration wizard of the installed stand-alone weblogic server.
In Windows XP:
Start > All Programs > Oracle SOA 11g Home > Configure application server

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