Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How the ADF PageLifeCycle come into the picture in ADF 11g?

I was wondering how the enhanced ADF PageLifeCycle come into the picture in Oracle ADF 11g when I noted that there was no phase listener configured in faces-config.xml, and specially that I have read the one stated in Oracle® Application Development Framework Developer’s Guide 10g Release 3- "When an ADF Faces component bound to an ADF data control is inserted into a JSF page for the first time, JDeveloper adds the ADF PhaseListener to faces-config.xml." - But I do not see this in faces-config.xml in the StoreFront demo, so I posted a new thread in OTN forums and happy to received a prompt answer which directed me to the right direction. (click the following: Why ADFPhaseListener not configured in faces-config.xml in JDeveloper 11g?) Well, to give you more idea on how the enhanced ADF PageLifeCycle came into the picture in ADF 11g, below are the details:
  1. The Faces Servlet is defined and mapped in the web.xml file.
  2. The Faces Servlet reads the faces-config.xml.
  3. The ADFPhaseListener is configured in an internal faces-config.xml in META-INF of adf-controller.jar in 11g.
  4. The ADFPageLifeCycle is instantiated through the ADFPhaseListener.

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