Saturday, June 19, 2010

Installing Weblogic 10.3.3 on Oracle Enterprise Linux


With the current trend of having 64 bit as the new desktop standard, then you would most likely come into a situation where you have a hard time deciding what OS to buy that can support your software development tasks, while not being left behind. That OS selection decision is made simpler by the advent of Virtualization wherein you can have multiple OS on a single hardware machine.
In this series, I will share with you how I was able to set-up and run Oracle SOA Suite on my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS through Oracle VM VirtualBox.

This is Part III of the following series:
  1. Setting-up Oracle Enterprise Linux on Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2.4
  2. Installing Java 1.6 on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  3. Installing Weblogic 10.3.3 on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  4. Installing Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  5. Configuring a new Oracle SOA Domain on Oracle Enterprise Linux


  1. Installed Oracle VM VirtualBox.
  2. Installed Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) on VirtualBox as described in the Part I of this series.
  3. Installed Java 1.6.0_20 on OEL as described in Part II of this series.
  4. Downloaded WebLogic 10.3.3 generic installer.

Installation Steps

Login as the user you created in Part I of this series. It is important that you are not login as root in doing these steps.
Create a new directory "installers" inside your home folder (the created directory in my case is "/home/pino/installers").
Put on this folder your weblogic 10.3.3 generic installer.
Right click, then Open in Terminal Window.
Enter "java -jar wls1033_generic.jar -mode=console".

(I used "console" mode because I am having a problem using the GUI mode- specifically in un-checking the "Receive Security Updates" option.)
Enter 3
Ensure that our installed Java 1.6 is selected. Next
Accept default installation directories. Next
Enter. Congratulations you are done!

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